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MONEY@WORK offers a simple way of building financial resilience in the workplace. Backed by Great Western Credit Union (GWCU), MONEY@WORK offers employees affordable loans and savings directly from their salary.


55% of employees would like a savings and borrowing solution provided by their employer. By using a credit union, employees can save through their payroll and have the opportunity to borrow money at a competitive rate.”

Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP)

Some of our existing employer partners

Saving through payroll deduction is easy and lets employees build up savings direct from their salary. Regular saving is one of the first steps towards good financial health.


LOANS@WORK provides an affordable alternative to high street and high interest lenders, as well as offering a convenient way to repay.


MONEY@WORK is backed by Great Western Credit Union an ethical, community-owned bank. The money that comes in from our savings and loans goes out to do good in the local community.